This course is focused on providing students with the knowledge and understanding required to develop simple computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes to solve the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations and to critically assess the results produced by CFD codes. As part of the course, students will write their own codes and verify and validate them systematically.

Dieses Tool wird im Moment nur für die Einschreibung in die Übungsgruppen der Seminarübungen WF Werkstoffe und Fertigung I verwendet.

In den Wochen KW39 (SU01) und KW50 (SU07) werden die Übungen jeweils für Gruppen iA und iB gemeinsam abgehalten.

Die Gruppen 1A, 2A, ... starten mit Seminarübung 02 in KW 40
danach 14-täglich

die Gruppen 1B, 2B, ... starten mit Seminarübung 02 in KW 41 
danach 14-täglich

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Analyzing failures of technical systems using traditionally mathematical tools often becomes difficult due to their inherent complexities. Therefore, it is vital to adopt advanced techniques such as computer-aided tools to model those failures. This course intends to help students to gain knowledge and experiences for the development of a simulation tool through agent based modeling approach.


This moodle course belongs to the lecture "Methods in the Innovation Process".  During this lecture student teams have to generate and develop product innovation ideas within a given innovation fields. The lectures will give an introduction to several innovation methods and support the students to apply them.