Prof. Felix Kienast


About this Course

This course offers an introduction to landscape ecology and an insight into its various practical applications in landscape management.

For sustainable landscape management we must understand how landscapes evolve and how landscape patterns influence ecological processes.

This Moodle course is part of the flipped classroom class “Landscape Ecology”. This means that one part of the class is delivered in the usual classroom setting, while the other part is taught here on the Moodle platform.


What You'll Learn

Through interactive quizzes, interviews with leading experts and simulations, this course explores the diverse subjects of landscape ecology. You will get to know both the new approaches of landscape ecology to fundamental research questions in ecology, as well as the applied research to provide practical advice to address large-scale environmental issues. Throughout the course, you will apply your knowledge in practical case studies, e.g. by exploring the meaning of landscape metrics for conservation, modelling the distribution of species with R, or identifying suitable wind farms sites using GIS.


Unit 1: Introduction to Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Services

Unit 2: Causes of Landscape Pattern

Unit 3: Quantifying Landscape Pattern

Unit 4: Landscape Modelling

Unit 5: Landscape Perception