D-ITET - Spring Semester 2016
227-0946-00L Molecular Imaging - Basic Principles and Biomedical Applications FS2016

227-0655-00L Nonlinear Optics 2016S

This lecture covers both - the fundamentals of "Optics" such as e.g. "ray optics", "coherence", the "Planck law" or the "Einstein relations" but also the fundamentals of "Photonics" on the generation, processing, transmission and detection of photons.

Chapter 1: Ray Optics
Chapter 2: Electromagnetic Optics
Chapter 3: Polarization
Chapter 4: Coherence and Interference
Chapter 5: Fourier Optics and Diffraction
Chapter 6: Guided Wave Optics
Chapter 7: Optical Fibers
Chapter 8: The Laser

227-0528-00L Power System Dynamics, Control and Operation 2016S
227-0148-00L VLSI III: Test and Fabrication of VLSI Circuits 2016S

227-0056-00L Halbleiterbauelemente 2016S

Lecturer & Assistants

Prof. Colombo Bolognesi 

Anna Hambitzer

Wei Quan

Tamara Saranovac


Lecture: Wednesdays 10:00 - 12:00, ETF C1 (first lecture: 22.02.2016)

Exercise: Mondays 15:00 - 16:00, ETF C1 (first exercise: 29.02.2016)


Understanding of the basic principles of semiconductor devices in micro-, opto-, and power electronics.


  • Brief survey of the history of microelectronics.

  • Basic physics: Crystal structure of solids, properties of silicon and other semiconductors, principles of quantum mechanics, band model, conductivity, dispersion relation, equilibrium statistics, transport equations, generation-recombination (G-R).

  • Quasi-Fermi levels. Physical and electrical properties of the pn-junction. 

  • Pn-diode: Characteristics, small-signal behaviour, G-R currents, ideality factor, junction breakdown.

  • Contacts: Schottky contact, rectifying barrier, Ohmic contact, Heterojunctions. Bipolar transistor: Operation principles, modes of operation, characteristics, models, simulation.

  • MOS devices: Band diagram, MOSFET operation, CV- and IV characteristics, frequency limitations and non-ideal behaviour.

  • Optoelectronic devices: Optical absorption, solar cells, photodetector, LED, laser diode.

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