Gravimetry: gravitation, Earth rotation, centrifugal force. Gravity, geoid, reference ellipsoid, normal gravity. Reduction of gravity measurements, gravity anomalies. Isostasy: models of Pratt, Airy, Vening Meinesz. Interpretation of gravity anomalies and relationship to dynamic and static features.

The score will be based 10% on in-class questions, 30% on homework exercises and 60% on the final examination.

The recommended course book is: 

Fundamentals of Geophysics, W. Lowrie, 2007, Second Edition, Cambridge University Press  (€55.45; CHF64.90
The goal of this course is to discuss topics in planetary sciences, which were not covered in the general planetary science courses.
The course also aims at training the student's ability to critically evaluate research papers, to summarize the finding concisely in an oral presentation, and to discuss these in the group.