D-MAVT - Spring Semester 2016

151-0018-10L Engineering Tool V: Simulation of System Failures

151-0522-00L Case Studies in Computer Aided Engineering 2016S

151-0534-00L Advanced Dynamics 2016S

151-0502-00L Mechanics of Materials 2016S

151-0212-00L Advanced CFD Methods 2016S

151-0054-00L Wärmeaustausch: Gestaltung und Optimierung 2016S

151-0306-00L Visualization, Simulation and Interaction - Virtual Reality I 2016S

This course introduces students to fundamental topics in engineering design for research and practice covering the main methods, models, theory and methodology. The course will be taught using a number of case studies motivated by grand challenges in engineering design.

The objectives of the course are to introduce students to the most important topics in design methods, models, theory and methodology that form the basis for engineering design practice and research. A further goal is to develop design reasoning and critical thinking skills.

The content of the course will be split into three units: 1) understanding designers, 2) design processes and practice and 3) products and designed artefacts. Within each unit key topics and methods will be covered including empirical design research, design science, creativity, processes for engineering design practice, user-centered design, re-design and reverse engineering, product models including functional modeling, product lifecycle and sustainability, design for manufacture including additive manufacturing, and integrated, networked products.

Course Schedule