D-MATL - Spring Semester 2016
327-1206-00L Soft Materials I 2016S

MaP Distinguished Lecture Series on Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM), popularly also called 3D Printing, is a topic of global and future relevance from the field of materials and process engineering. Initially used for rapid prototyping, the AM technology evolves towards rapid tooling, rapid manufacturing and mass customization. The versatility of this technology is highlighted in the multitude of different applications spanning from automotive, aerospace and medical to construction, fashion, food and pharmaceutical industries. AM brings benefits to research and niche markets where it is overcoming current limitations and its potential is believed to stretch far beyond as it may likely disrupt every field it touches.

At this interdisciplinary colloquium different internationally renowned speakers from academia and industry will give lectures about their cutting-edge research, which highlights the state-of-the-art and frontiers in the AM field. The self-study of relevant literature and active participation in discussions following the presentations stimulate critical thinking and allow participants to deliberately discuss challenges and opportunities with leading academics and industrial experts and to exchange ideas within an interdisciplinary community.

This course is primarily designed for MSc and doctoral students who should have a solid background in materials science and/or engineering. Guests are welcome. Course langugage is English.

327-0410-00L Seminar III: Projekte zur statistischen Thermodynamik 2016S

327-2202-00L Size Effects in Materials 2016S

327-0612-00L Metalle II 2016S

327-2223-00L Atomic Force Microscopy in Materials Science 2016S

327-2207-00L Solid State Physics and Chemistry of Materials II 2016S