D-ITET - Autumn Semester 2015

227-0526-00L Power System Analysis 2015W

Lecturer & Assistants

Prof. Colombo Bolognesi 

Anna Hambitzer

Wei Quan

Tamara Saranovac


Understanding of signal properties on transmission lines in the time and frequency domain. Basic knowledge of analog filter synthesis.


  • Transmission line equations of the lossless and lossy TEM-transmission line. Introduction of current and voltage waves.
  • Representation of reflections in the time and frequency domain.
  • Application of the Smith chart. Behavior of low-loss transmission lines. Attenuation and impulse distortion due to skin effect.
  • Transmission line equivalent circuits.
  • Group delay and signal dispersion.
  • Coupled transmission lines. Butterworth-, Chebychev- and Bessel filter approximations: filter synthesis from low-pass filter prototypes.
  • Simple active filters.

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