D-MATL - Autumn Semester 2015

327-0104-00L Kristallographie 2015W

327-1221-00L Biological and Bio-inspired Materials 2015W

The aim of this course is to impart knowledge on the underlying principles governing the design of biological materials and on current strategies used to fabricate synthetic model systems whose structural organization resembles those of natural materials.

The course first offers a comprehensive introduction to evolutive aspects of materials design in nature and a general overview about the most common biopolymers and biominerals found in biological materials. Next, current approaches to fabricate bio-inspired materials are presented, followed by a detailed evaluation of their structure-property relationships with focus on mechanical, optical, surface and adaptive properties.

 Structure of the course:

 Block (I): Fundamentals of engineering in biological materials

  • Biological engineering principles
  • Basic building blocks found in biological materials

 Block (II): Replicating biological design principles in synthetic materials

  • Biological and bio-inspired materials: polymer-based and ceramic-toughened composites, including hierarchical, graded and lightweight materials
  • Functional biological and bio-inspired materials: surfaces, self-healing and adaptive materials

 Block (III): Bio-inspired design and systems

  • Bio-inspiration in the building environment
  • Additive manufacturing of bio-inspired composites

Soft Materials II 2015W - 327-1207-00L

327-1202-00L Solid State Physics and Chemistry of Materials I 2015W